Monday, 5 March 2012

I'm still here...honest!

Hello, is there anyone out there?!! I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't as I've been away far too long. I have still been making cards, not so avidly though. Mostly I just make them for family and friends now as I found it far too time consuming and difficult to sell them on the web.

Something I have been doing a fair bit of lately is cross stitch. It was my first real crafting hobby and it's nice to have fallen back in love with it. I have a large piece on the go at the moment but in between stitching that I have managed to make a stitched valentine card as well as a small picture piece.

This small piece is from a book of designs by Joan Elliot called 'Fairy Enchantment', she was lovely and quick to stitch taking me exactly one week to do (she is only 4 & half inches square after all!).
This is the valentine card I made for my husband this year, it is another Joan Elliott design from a book of cross stitch card patterns. Lots of little beads on this one which were a bit fiddly to add but worth is as they finish the pattern off nicely. 

Hopefully I'll be finishing the larger piece I'm stitching very soon and I promised to blog about that one too :-)