Thursday, 12 April 2012

In the mean time

Hello, I started a new large project last week but it's not at a stage where there's anything interesting to show yet so I thought I'd share a few older projects. I finally got around to washing these pieces in readiness for framing.

This piece was stitched from a Dimensions Gold Collection Petites kit called 'Elegant Geisha'. I completed this late 2011. I intend to get this framed and put up in our bedroom as the dark pink in the Geisha's obi (bow) is the same as the paint on the walls. I also have a couple of kokeshi dolls in there, so it will be in-keeping with the oriental theme.

This one was stitched from a DMC Deco kit called 'Pretty in Pink', I completed this one sometime during 2010, I can't remember exactly when. I chose this design when I was having a fad on all things burlesque. Rather than getting this framed I may make it into a central panel on a cushion cover to give to a friend for her birthday.

I stitched this from a Dimensions kit, which I think was called 'Pegasus & colt'. I began this piece many years ago, found I'd mis-stitched somewhere and couldn't work out how to put it right. I promptly put it in the cupboard and forgot about it :-) I got around to sorting my stitching things out and found it again, this time I was determined to finish and managed to work around my previous mistake (I don't think anyone could tell where I messed up?!). I finally finished it back in 2009, it's a cute design and I like the iridescent threads in the wings and clouds, they are so pretty when they catch the light. Trouble is, if I get it framed I'm not sure where I'll hang it but it's too nice to not do something with...I'll think on it.

Sarah xx


  1. Beautiful work Sarah. I miss doing cross-stitch, but my neck won't allow all those hours bent over a frame anymore.

    1. I know what you mean Chrissy, I have to be careful not to over do it myself as I get RSI in my hands/wrists and neck but any crafting can set that off. It's always the stuff that we love to do that cause us the most problems isn't it?!

  2. Fab stitching Sarah.... you must be so focussed on your work .. !!
    I stick to smaller projects if I can cos my left elbow always aches after a time at the X-stitch. As you said, it can be a problem. Loving your burlesque lady - that's a fab piece.
    Jo. xx

  3. Thanks Jo! I can be very faddy with my stitching, I have been known not to stitch at all for months, even over a year but just recently I've really got back into it. Knowing me I'll go off it again before the year is out :-)