Friday, 11 May 2012

My first Mirabilia pattern progress so far

I seem to have been really bitten by the stitching bug lately and have made good progress on my current project. The pattern is called 'Silver Moon Tea' and is from Mirabilia, and here is what I've stitched so far:

This is the first time I've stitched a Mirabilia pattern and I have truly thrown myself in at the deep end as it is a 8 inch by 8 inch piece of solid cross stitching, approx. 16,384 stitches (including beading). WOW.  I would say I'm just over half way through it at this point in time but I am about to take a break from it to stitch my sister a Forever Friends design for her birthday in July and I need to get cracking on that else it won't be done in time.

Here is what the finished Silver Moon Tea will look like:
I'm not sure that I will choose such a heavy frame for it when I do get it finished but I am looking forward to hanging it on the wall...eventually!

I'll probably be back in a couple of weeks with some progress on the Forever Friends piece,
see you soon!