Sunday, 7 November 2010

More Faery cards

I've been rather attached to my new 'Enchanted' CD ROM since my last post, I warned you I was smitten ;-) I've also dipped into an older CD that I have from My Craft Studio called 'Walk in wonderland'. It isn't as easy to use as the 'Enchanted' one from Card Creations Plus but there are some nice images on it that make up into pretty cards. Anyway here are my latest few makes:
Pumpkin Faery card from the 'Enchanted' CD ROM
A close up of the decoupage
A Christmas Fae from the 'Enchanted' CD ROM
A pyramage card from the 'Walk in Wonderland' CD ROM
Another from 'Walk in Wonderland'
Another friend of mine has commissioned me to make her a batch of open sentiment cards, these faery cards are part of that.

More soon hopefully!
Sarah x


  1. More great makes Sarah. Is it fiddly cutting out all the shapes?

  2. It is rather fiddly Chrissy, but I get a strange sense of satisfaction when it's all put together, sort of "ha it didn't beat me"...yes I'm barking mad ;-)

  3. I know what you mean. Sometimes if I make a special card it can take me almost all day - first planning, then sorting the colours, then sorting the design and on and on - but you do feel elated when it all comes together. Even better if the recipient is really pleased. Have had a couple who said - Oh, a home made card then, can't you afford to buy one - I won't say what I think of them!! Needless to say, they will not get any special ones again.