Sunday, 28 November 2010

Next batch of Christmas cards

I seem to be having a fad on CD ROMs, which believe me is a real surprise to me. I brought 'Walk in Wonderland' from My Craft Studio a good while back, made a few cards from it but wasn't overly impressed at the printing results. Well now we have a different printer that lets you print to a very high dots per inch and along with that I have been using different types of papers to print on e.g. vellum, pearlescent, acetate and I've come to appreciate the results much more. With that in mind I've brought a couple of other discs, 'Ivory Cats' and 'Victorian Fairies & Angels' both from Joanna Sheen and 'A little bit of folk' from My Craft Studios, all courtesy of ebay ;-)

With Christmas not far off I've stepped up the card making pace and here are the results:
A shaped edge card made using the 'Ivory Cats' CD ROM from Joanna Sheen
A decoupage card made using the 'Ivory Cats' CD ROM from Joanna Sheen
A stepper card made using the 'Ivory Cats' CD ROM from Joanna Sheen
An invertage card made using the 'Enchanted' CD ROM from Card Creations Plus

Still got lots more to make and the pressure is on, why do I always leave things to the last minute?!!
Sarah x


  1. All these are absolutely gorgeous - what printer do you have because the colours are just so good

  2. Hi Chrissy, it's a Hewlett Packard SC240, my hubby works from home and it's his works printer ;-)

  3. It is pretty impressive - so you get to use up all his inks for free then? Now that's a bargain. Ink cartridges are so expensive and as I print on my card a lot now, I notice how I get through the inks really quickly. I think I need to get back to stamping more again I reckon.

  4. I buy every other cartridge, I don't think he'd get away with it for all of them :-)

    Yes I too have been distracted from my stamping lately, I have a really nice Elusive Images Christmas stamp which I intend to use for my Mom's & Sister's cards, I think I'll need to practice first it's been that long!

  5. Lovely cards Sarah. The Ivory Cats is gorgeous isn't it?

  6. These are great cards Sarah.
    Like you I have been off the map for a while but am determined to be more organized and get more things done.
    Happy New Year
    x xx